Instructions to Competitors, Proctors & MC's

Competition Information

There are four stages to each competition. Before the start of each and every stage, the instructions for that stage must be read loudly by the MC’s to the competitors. Also, in order to ensure proper marking, participants must be given enough time to write [clearly and legibly and in the designated area] their First and Last Names, the Grade Competition, and the School they are representing. [In the Regional competition participants must write the Pool and Team Number, if there is more than one team representing the same school in a particular grade]. Snack break is between The Bull’s Eye stage and Co-op stage. Lunch break is between the Co-op stage and the Face-Off stage.

*Please be sure to read the Rules about Grade Level Eligibility before registering your students.

Blitz Stage -- 26 short answer questions -- 40 minutes
1. The Blitz Stage consists of one session on a variety of mathematical subjects. Participants will be allowed to work for 40 minutes on 26 questions written on four pages [each correct answer will count as one point]. Thus, the maximum number of points available in this stage is: 26.

2. Some questions are easy and some are hard, so plan accordingly. In general, the first 14 questions of this stage are easier [the first two pages], the next 6 questions are of intermediate difficulty [third page], and the last 6 questions are harder [fourth page].

Bull's Eye Stage -- 3 stages [1: problem solving; 2: combinations; 3: geometry] -- 12 minutes each
1. The Bull's Eye Stage consists of three sessions [each on a separate page with distinctive colour] on a certain mathematical subject. For each of the sessions, participants will be given 12 minutes to work on the 4 questions on that subject. The total number of questions in the Bull's-Eye Stage is 12 and each correct answer will count as two points. Thus, the maximum number of points available in this stage is: 24.

VERY IMPORTANT: Papers for the Bull's-Eye Stage are colour-coded. Participants must follow the colour code instructions and work only on the correct colour-coded page [this includes all their written computations and sketches]. If a participant is found to work on the wrong page or at the wrong time, he/she will be immediately disqualified from this.

2. Some questions are easy and some are hard so plan accordingly. In general, the first 2 questions for each page are easier than the last 2 questions.

Co-op Stage -- 15 higher level thinking questions to be solved in groups -- 36 minutes
1. The Co-op Stage is a Team competition. Participants will be allowed to work for 36 minutes on 15 questions. Each correct answer will count as two points. Thus, the maximum number of points available in this stage is: 30. Scientific calculators are allowed for this stage of the competition, and are even required for some questions. Graphing calculators and programmable calculators are not allowed at all. Devices with wireless communication capabilities are absolutely not allowed.

2. Some questions are easy, some are hard, and some can be handled better and easier by a group effort, rather than by individual efforts, so plan accordingly. Some questions are designed to be almost impossible to do in the allowed time without team cooperation. In general, the first 5 questions of this stage are easier, the next 5 questions are of intermediate difficulty, and the last 5 questions are harder.

3. It is encouraged that each team selects one of its members as the "Team Captain". The Team Captain will then be in charge of dividing the work among the members of the team. That person will also be responsible for the submission of the "team copy" of the answer sheet.

4. As mentioned earlier, each team is required to submit ONE and ONLY ONE copy of the coloured answer sheet. All other white copies MUST be collected by the MC into a separate pile and will not be marked. If a team submits more than one "team copy for marking" - NONE will be marked and the team mark for that page will be 0. The MC/runners must return ALL material back to the marking room.

Face-off Stage -- A one-to-one buzz in verbal competition 45 seconds per question
Very important: All pools/grades must start at the same time.
1. The Face-Off stage is a one-to-one buzz-in verbal competition for the top scoring 10 individuals. This is a separate competition with special awards or prizes. The Face-Off performance of the individuals participating in this stage will not affect their final standings as was achieved during the written competition.

2. There will be a total of 9 one-to-one match up rounds [named Round 1 to Round 9]. The winner in each round advances to the next round and the loser in each round is eliminated from the competition.

3. Participants should be provided with ample amounts of scrap paper and pencils for calculating answers.

4. For each question, the participants will be allowed to work for 45 seconds from the time the question appears on the screen. A participant who wishes to provide an answer must press the buzzer. But, only the first person who buzzes will be called to provide an answer. Any answer without pressing the buzzer will be disqualified. Only ONE answer per participant, per question, is allowed and he/she must provide it within 3 seconds after being called. The answer must be given in an acceptable format [I.E.: simplified to lowest terms, or as otherwise specified[. The opponent may continue working while an answer is provided and if the answer of the person who first buzzed is incorrect, the opponent may use the remainder of the 45 seconds to buzz and be called to provide an answer. A participant who was called on and provides the correct answer will score one point in the round.

5. For the first 6 rounds [Round 1 through Round 6], the winner for each round is selected based on "best of 3 questions" [I.E.: a winner can be declared by a margin of 1-0, 2-0, or 2-1 after 3 questions asked [or after the second question if the score is already 2-0]]. If there is no winner after 3 questions, then the round will go on until the tie is broken. For the last three rounds [I.E.: Round 7 through Round 9] the format varies slightly as the winner of each round is the first to correctly answer 3 questions.

5. The competition is in the following order:

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